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Xolobeni remembers slain activist Bazooka

The Amadiba Crisis Committee hosted their annual commemoration of their slain leader Sikosiphi Bazooka Rhadebe on 21 March 2022. The day is observed Human Rights Day in South Africa. Rhadebe was killed by unknown gunmen in 2016. He was a leader of the Amadiba Crisis Committee which is advocating for alternative models of development on their land as oppossed to titanium mining which they argue will have a negative impact on their land. The community which has survived on small scale commercial agriculture for over a century is also facing further threats to their land in the form of a proposed highway development and the building of a smart city along the coast. They are also fighting attempts by Shell to explore for oil along their coastline from which they also survive through fishing. Photos: Lucas Ledwaba/Mukurukuru Media

Last updated on 23/04/2022

Residents of Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape walk to a commemoration service for activist Sikhosiphi Bazooka Rhadebe on Human Rights Day. Rhadebe was shot and killed by unknown gunmen on 22 March 2016. He was one of the leaders of the Amadiba Crisis Committee which has been waging a struggle against attempts to mine titanium on their land. At least 12 other people opposed to the mining have been killed in the past decade. The community is also engaged in a legal battle to stop multinational Shell from conducting a seismic survey along the Wild Coast. The Amadiba oppose these developments on the grounds that it will destroy the environment and the agriculture economy that has sustained them for over a century. Photo. Lucas Ledwaba/Mukurukuru Media

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