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Tackles and goals in dusty field of dreams

Last updated on 03/08/2022

After months of inaction enforced by the lengthy lockdown to counter the spread of the corona virus amateur footballers are back in action playing the game they love.

Lucas Ledwaba captured action between Hungry Tigers and Jumpers playing in a top eight knockout tournament.

The venue was the hard as cement Mphakane Naughty Boys ground, located below the majestic rocky hill of Mphakane in the rural village with the same name under the Molemole Municipality.

Young and old came to watch the action and cheer on their local heroes while hawkers cashed in selling food, drinks and snacks. A DJ kept the fans entertained with music at intervals.

During the action a commentator with a lively sense of humour kept the crowds informed and entertained. A beautiful afternoon of football it was.

The games in which the clubs pay an affiliation fee to secure a spot in the tournament are organised by a committee of locals in a bid to keep the football loving locals entertained and to keep the youth away from mischief.

The winners and finalists get cash prizes, trophies and medals for their efforts and to motivate others to work harder.

Aspirant villagers youngsters playing in the games hope to emulate local heroes Jacob Dukes Machaka and Simon Ramalatso who rose from playing in such tournaments to pursuing distinguished careers in South Africa’s professional Premier Soccer League.

A commentator delivers a live broadcast of the match between Jumpers and Hungry Tigers. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
Team sheets secured with a rock on the dusty ground. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
Fans watch the action during a top eight knockout match quarter-final at the Mphakane Naughty Boys Ground in Mphakane, Molemole Municipality in Limpopo. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
A Jumpers player causes a Hungry Tigers opponent hungry for possession to jump with a slick dummy. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
Jumpers score their second goal to secure a spot in the semi finals Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
Hungry Tigers clear their lines but their efforts were not enough as they went down 0-2 to Jumpers. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
A young fan watches at close range as a Tigers player takes a corner kick. Fans use anything from rocks, bottles and empty tines as seats. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
Jumpers goalkeeper easily collects a cross as Tigers players close in. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba
The referee sends off a Tigers player after a rough tackle. The offending player accepts his marching orders with a double thumbs up.. Photo: Lucas Ledwaba

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