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eThekwini’s hostel ingoma for peace

Traditional dance groups featured in a peace initiative at the Wema hostel in eThekwini. Photo: Khaya Ngwenya

Durban’s hostels have been devastated by violence that has claimed the lives of many people. The Ubunye bamaHostela recently organised a traditional dancing event as part of efforts of furthering peace, unity, social cohesion and an end to violence in hostel communities. The event featured groups from different hostels in eThekwini.

The scene was a festive and jovial one with highly charged groups threatening to crack the tar with the stomping of feet as they danced and sang songs of hope.

Khaya Ngwenya captured the action.

Nakho ke! a group of young girls wows the crowds during the Ingoma gathering at the Wema Hostel in Durban. Photo: Khaya Ngwenya
siyagiya…colour and style are the characteristics of dance groups. Photo: Khaya Ngwenya
Hawu bakithi…a mesmerised fan reacts with joy. Photo: Khaya Ngwenya
Indlamu…Men are lost in the moment as they execute the indlamu dance moves. Photo: Khaya Ngwenya
yeboooo…an entertainer keeps the crowds who came for a day of song and dance thrilled. Photo: Khaya Ngwenya
Ingane zoma…a girl dance group takes a breather after a blistering performance Photo: Khaya Ngwenya

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