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How King Langalibalele I planted the seeds of rebellion against the British

Having died as a ‘commoner’ and prisoner what are the lessons that can be learnt from this hero, especially in the context of the anti-apartheid struggles that we in the 1950s and beyond? What kind of foundation can we justifiably attribute to a leader such as Langalibalele? How did that foundation shape the politics of later leaders such as Mabhida, Mandela, Sobukwe, Hani and many others?    

Expounding a legacy of One Hundred Years of Dispossession

The anguish of dispossession also manifested itself in the treatment we received at Mohlabaneng. Stripped off our land rights and bereft of both home and hope, residents of Ga-Monwana had to fend off the depredations of stigma, discrimination, and salacious gossip. We were shunned and loathed with such persistence that you would swear the settlement was cursed.