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Mukurukuru Media

‘Loss of cultural heritage due to environmental degradation from mining is a human rights issue’

Locating our struggles for environmental justice and protecting our human rights through forcing mining companies to comply with legal guidelines and to work with communities on the issues concerning our livelihoods within the greater struggle for economic freedom, as poor and rural mine affected communities, is a critical call to action for mobilizing and organizing the youth around understanding the importance of having our voices heard through solidifying our collective power as communities as we’re burdened with the responsibility to carry the baton forward towards realizing socio-economic justice in our lifetime and protecting our homes.

Troubled school bounces back with impressive matric pass rate

“We struggled with a lot of absentees at first but that got resolved by strict warnings and the involvement of parents. We were always remaining after school to study and also did morning study sessions. The teachers made sure we all came to school where they were helping us, starting from Monday to Sunday and we also studied on our own until late